Matthieu Tardy

Computer Science Student

Paris, France.
French (Native speaker), English (945/990 at TOEIC).


I am Matthieu Tardy, an IT enthusiast currently studying computer science engineering at EPITA, a French IT engineering school located in Paris.


  • EPITA Systems and Security Laboratory, Paris, France

    Student researcher, working on security and low-level related problems.

  • EPITA, Paris, France

    Third year student in computer science engineering.

  • UQAC, Chicoutimi, Québec

    Exchange semester.

    Android Development Algorithmic

Professional experiences

  • System administration and python development, Saur, Paris, France

    Development of an automated supervision tool which provides an overview of the services running on the company’s servers and analyzes any changes. Used to monitor about 1000 servers.

Personal Projects

  • Participant in CTF security contests, Team LSE

    Solving reverse engineering, exploits and forensics challenges.

  • Analyze of CVE-2015-0311

    Reverse engineering of a malware sample exploiting a use after free vulnerability in Flash Player and writing of my own exploit.

  • K

    A kernel developed from scratch to learn about the bases of OS development. Exceptions / interrupts, syscalls, VGA driver and userland handling.

  • 42sh

    An imitation of bash –posix in C.

  • Genetic Algorithm

    An implementation of a genetic algorithm to test the efficiency of different selection, reproduction and mutation techniques.

  • HTTPd

    An implementation of a subset of the HTTP protocol written in C. Single-threaded with non-blocking syscalls. It can handle more than 4000 concurrent connections.

  • Malloc

    A thread-safe implementation of a dynamic memory allocator using buddy-system in C.

  • OCR

    A simple character recognition tool based on a neural network written in OCaml.


  • Languages
    C C++ C# OCaml Python Java
  • Frameworks
    XNA Qt Django
  • Tools
    Git Vim GDB Visual Studio CMake
  • Systems
    GNU/Linux Windows


  • On my spare time

    IT Security Machine Learning Functional Programming